• WeBIKE tables at the Schiphol Airport generate electricity as you exercise!

  • webikeThe next time you visit Amsterdam airport in search for a practical way to workout, don’t miss out on one of these WeBIKE tables. Developed by Belgium-based WeWATT and installed at the Schiphol Airport, these desks sport pedals that allow users to exercise, while generating energy to juice up gadgets! The pedals attached to the desks are hooked onto dynamos that convert physical exertion into energy. The energy generated is then used to charge smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras, tablets and other smaller devices.

    These desks are currently being tried out at the Schiphol Airport and will soon be included at the Brussels Airport and various railway stations around Europe. We love the idea and the practicality behind it all. These WeBIKE tables could work great in other public spaces like malls and corporate buildings too!

    [Via – Springwise]

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