• Walk above the world at Aiguille du Midi’s breathtaking glass-cabin installation

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    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to walk on air, high above the world and in the skies? Tourists visiting the Aiguille du Midi peak, or Needle of the South, can now nearly experience the same, thanks to an installation called Step into the Void. Visitors using this installation can literally walk into a transparent cabin, high above the ground, and enjoy a breathtaking and somewhat frightening view of the world beneath their feet.

    The installation uses super-strong glass-each containing three discrete sheets and is located about half a mile off the ground. The tallest skyroom installation in the world, Step into the Void was designed by the French architect Pierre-Yves Chays and took about three years to complete. Besides this installation, the Aiguille du Midi peak will also soon play home to the world’s tallest museum!




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