• Wacaco Minipresso dishes out espresso shots on the go

  • minipressoThere’s a lot a shot of coffee can do, from giving you the sudden confidence of a used-car salesman to bestowing unlimited energy upon your sensory system. To keep you going through the day without dropping to your knees in surrender, Wacaco has unveiled the Minipresso, a pocket-sized espresso machine that’ll give you a fresh shot of espresso when you need one! Standing just six inches tall, the gadget uses a hand pump and produces a 1.7-ounce espresso!

    Complete with a measuring scoop and a cup, operating the Minipresso isn’t rocket science either! All you need to do is measure espresso grounds, tamp them, pour 2.4 ounces of hot water and begin pumping! To further state its claim of the Minipresso being simple to use, Wacaco says the process is “much easier and faster than to inflate a bicycle tire with a hand pump.” The Wacaco Minipresso is available on the manufacturer’s website for just $39!

    [Via – Dornob]

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