• Vertical Bed lets you sleep standing up

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    With space and time being a major issue with this generation, it is impossible to even get a good night’s rest. That is why we see so many folks trying to catch a shut eye on their daily commute to their workplace. But the crowded areas and noise around make it impossible to catch even a minute worth of sleep. A possible solution to these sleep deprivation woes is the unique Vertical Bed armature that collapses into a briefcase. Just attach this Vertical Bed to the subway ventilation grating and it will support your body weight with ease. The Vertical Bed comes with noise-cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and free standing umbrella. Now you can count on getting that shut eye with no disturbances at all! The best part is you don’t have to lie down or squeeze yourself on a seat either. The Vertical Bed is made with the support of the LMCC’s Swing Space Program.

    The Vertical Bed was tested at Broadway and 33rd St. in New York for a 40 minute nap at 6:00 pm. A unique solution for all those in need of a shut eye, the Vertical Bed is definitely great.

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