• Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wood Stove Pizza Oven

  • Pizza is a sumptuous treat for everyone. While it’s more convenient to order a box of pizza, it’s way better to make one in your kitchen. After all, you just need a good pizza dough and your favourite ingredients. You have a wide array of fresh ingredients to choose from in your local grocery store. Whether you’re a meat person, vegetarian or sworn-vegan, there’s always a type of pizza that will suit your taste.

    Aside from the ingredients, you should also choose between cooking the pizza on a gas or a wood stove oven. While gas-range ovens are more popular, we highly recommend using a wood fired pizza oven instead. It’s a better alternative because it comes with so many advantages. For starters, don’t you think it’s more exciting to prepare pizza for your family with a wood fired oven? Below are more perks:

    1. You can cook pizza faster
    One of the top reasons everybody loves pizza is because it’s quick to prepare. Most pizza shops heat pizza at around 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in a gas-range oven. You will need at most 30 minutes for preheating and 15 minutes for the actual cooking process. With a wood fired oven, you only need at most 7 minutes.

    2. Enjoy a bolder and more savoury flavour
    When you cook with wood, the food gets to absorb the flavour from the smoke. No matter what you do, it’s impossible to replicate the smokiness of the dough along with the toppings using your ordinary gas or electric oven. The better taste is also attributed to the quick and even heat distribution inside a wood fired oven.

    3. Retain minerals from your food
    Because the dough and the rest of the toppings are cooked quickly and thoroughly, they get to retain their nutritional value. A study has been done to prove how longer cooking time can deplete the antioxidants in ingredients such as red bell peppers.

    4. Save energy and minimise your carbon footprint
    The traditional type of home oven consumes more carbon. Why not use a wood fired cooking oven instead? It doesn’t use gas or electricity. Instead, it uses direct heat from the wood. You may have to check with your local community if there are any regulations regarding the use of wood-burning ovens.

    5. You can enjoy baking other meals
    Aside from making pizzas, wood-burning ovens can be used to prepare a long list of other baked goodies. You can make sweet pies, baked meat pies, bread, roasted veggies and a long list of other sumptuous meals for you and your loved ones.
    Don’t you just love chewing on a warm pizza dough topped with melted cheese and all other types of delightful toppings? Instead of just ordering and reheating frozen pizza, we challenge you to go the extra mile and make your own. Best of all, you should totally consider getting your own wood fired pizza oven for your home.

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