• The Perfect Clear aids children in grasping studies better

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    Designed for the Benesse Corporation, designer Nendo has given them the Perfect Clear. Sounds confusing, right? Well, the Perfect Clear is a device that helps school children learn Chinese character, mathematics, and history. Getting to the basics, apparently children in the elementary age group in Japan need to give entrance exams for junior high school. Almost one-fifth of this tot’s population uses the Benesse Corporation’s Shinken Zemi distance learning program to prepare for them. The Perfect clear is a tool that aids in the learning process and peps up the kids for a serious session of cramming.

    Imbibing a magical connotation, the Perfect Clear uses a magic wand as a writing tool and a crystal eraser. Manifesting itself in three lucid colors the Perfect Clear comes in three manifestations of life water (blue), fire (orange) and wind (colorless).

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