• The Ferrari Monza concept is a speed monster

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    The Ferrari Monza has the aesthetics of a spaceship than a car but that’s not the only thing hot about it. According to designer Iman Maghsoudi the cars of the future will be able to touch really high speeds…in the range of 125mph. However this stage will be quite impossible for humans to sustain due to lack of “sufficient concentration”. As a solution computers will have to be roped in to drive the vehicle for us! Peculiar as it sounds, the Ferrari Monza accepts the “pilot” in its cockpit, which is akin to straddling a motorcycle. Once the programmed speed is attained, the onboard computer takes over the controls.

    With the computer doing the job, the dynamics of the Ferrari Monza changes. The car’s aerodynamic profile morph using winglets called canards ahead of the front wheels to create lift and reduce friction. Besides the friction angle, the change in design is to stop unexpected headwinds from sending the vehicle pirouetting into the sky at the slightest gust. The design also incorporates two fins that adjust their orientation automatically when the airflow increases. This is to keep the vehicle rooted to the road.

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