• The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle with a Chevrolet Aveo heart belongs to another world

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    Mike Vetter and his Florida-based company, ‘The Car Factory’ have come up with this rather strange and alien like customized car called the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or EVT. It looks like it’s right off the set of a sci-fi movie. Under this futuristic looking car, there lies the heart of a normal little Chevrolet Aveo. However, if you don’t want an Aveo, you can also opt for a Porsche Boxster donor car. I don’t want to think that anyone would want to strip down their Porsche to make it look like it’s from Star Trek, but people have weird ideas. The EVT is perfect for geeks who can afford it. It’s available on eBay at the moment for $86,000 and mind you, this is with the Aveo.


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