• The BMX concept is a hubless bike

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    Do striking looks and efficiency of a bike go hand in hand? This question crosses the mind when we look at BMX concept bike designed by Nikolay Boltachev. Basically it is a shaft driven hubless bicycle. Shaft- driven bicycles have been in existence since some time. They offer an alternative to chain drives and are relatively maintenance free. They allow you to ride without need to worry about getting chain grease on your trousers or skirt. On the other hand the disadvantage of using a shaft drive on a bicycle is that gearing is needed to turn power 90° from the shaft to the rear wheel, hence some power is lost in the process. Moreover chain drives have a high percentage of efficiency. They are proven technology, easily repairable in the field, very strong etc. Secondly though hubless wheels are elegant in appearance but they are difficult to manufacture requiring a great deal of precision machining and the design leaves the mechanical parts more or less exposed to the elements. The bike is presently in its conceptual stage and I admit that the hubless wheels give it a stylish touch.


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