• The Pendulum Sound Machine creates a unique beat

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    The objects that inspire a beat pattern are countless. From falling rain to train tracks, everything creates a sequence of beat patterns that could be unique. Taking inspiration from the movement of record-styled rotating disks, Kyouei Design has created a Pendulum Sound Machine that employs sixteen weighted brass pendulums that swing and strike two salad plates on top of the apparatus to create a unique sequence of beats. The bumps on the record are responsible for the sequential sounds. The catch is, each time you change the plate surface, material or diameter, you hear a different sound. The sequence of beats isn’t structured such that it could be converted to rhythmic music patterns but it surely does create an enchanting drizzle of beats that sound calming. The sound sequence is close to random and resembles that of falling raindrops.

    The Pendulum Sound Machine was on display at DesignBoom’s Yakitate exhibition (which translates to ‘freshly baked’).



    [ Via : Thecreatorsproject ]

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