• Telescopic Raincoat quickly folds down and transforms into a bag!

  • Carrying a raincoat around is a pain in the tenders, period. Designers Jia Shenghui, Zhao Qiyun, Fan Jianjun, Zhou Hailun, Chen Jian, Chu Yuhui, Hong Yonghui, and Zhang Yichi however designed this amazingly awesome concept that makes life a lot easier, particularly for those who live in places where the clouds simply never cease to weep. Called the Telescopic Raincoat, this one quickly folds down to a bag, and a tiny one too, when done with! A design even the sleek and suave 007 would die to get his hands on, given the fact that its simple to use, highly portable and helps quickly change appearances too, the Telescopic Raincoat is a welcome change to those heavy overalls and nasty umbrellas we’ve been subjected to.


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