• Surfboard BIT for Huawei is a broadband wonder

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    Sitting on the computer all day long, typing out gizmo stories for you guys to read, I can totally understand the need for a good Internet connection. It happened with me today, my net connection was erratic and I had a hard time researching my write-ups. The Surfboard designed by Loe Designs for Huawei Techniologies is an award winning design that is a broadband information terminal designed for people who need to stay connected to the web all the time. It features a powerful Internet browser plus accommodates multi-media audio/video and communication functions as well. Sporting a 5″ 16:9 TFT touch screen it has a1M pixels camera, high-speed input/output access and great capacity storage

    WLAN, ADSL, Ethernet are all featured on the Surfboard. The compelling white and gray combo gives the device an elegant look. The speakers are conveniently placed around the keypad. Overall it’s a wonderful design that won the accolades at the Red Dot.

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