• If Superman had his own business cards, where would he keep them?

  • Creative-Business-Cards-5What if you were handed a business card every time a superhero rescued you, would you call back? Well, given the fact that most superheroes prefer keeping their identities under wraps, they probably wouldn’t opt for a business card, unless it’s Iron Man we’re talking about. Design firm Moo created these one-of-a-kind business cards for our friendly vigilantes or despicable villains and their alter-egos.

    Some of these include Clark Kent and Superman, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Heisenberg! While the regular-sized business card depicts the alter-ego, the square cards feature the superhero (or villain)! The funniest of these is Mr. Hyde’s though, given the fact that when transformed, his personality isn’t much of a vocabulary gem.


    [Via – Designtaxi]

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