• Spaceship-like beach-front home generates electricity from tidal energy

  • margot-krasojevic-hydroelectric-tidal-house-1What’s the best way to keep strangers off your property? Build a home that looks like a spaceship belonging to an evil alien race that’s here to destroy mankind! Architect and designer Margot Krasojevic seems to have designed the perfect home for the ones who love living in strangely shaped homes, away from the banes of society. Called the Hydroelectric Tidal House, this one’s crafted to be built on a shoreline and uses tidal energy to generate electricity!

    The home is inspired by sea-shells and the final result looks quite menacing. Technology, this home is more advanced than many we’ve spotted before and gives its inhabitants a place to live, off-grid! The fact that the home generates energy from a renewable source makes it appealing to tree-huggers too. That said, this is as close as it gets to living in a Vogon-spaceship!






    [Via – Designboom]

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