• Sharp develops the futuristic Health Care Support Chair

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    Health care and technology are a great combination and quite often, the two team-up for exemplary results. Here’s yet another technological advancement given to the world of medicine and health care, the Sharp Health Care Support Chair. This development is a quick way to a full-fledged health checkup, using sensors to check a user’s blood pressure, temperature, body motion, and pulse waveform. All of this data is then stored in a cloud server, which is then made accessible to health-care specialists whenever required.

    Quoting the folks at Sharp, “We’re considering a system that enables people to videoconference with a physician if they’ve detected anything abnormal. Because the data is all saved, the physician can give suitable advice, while looking at the information the user has obtained so far.” The development is a revolution indeed and will help provide quick health checks as often and whenever required.

    [Via – Diginfo]

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