• Pixelate, the table that encourages you to play with food!

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    Playing with your food has never really been encouraged before. However, after a bunch researchers figured that video games that promoted fruit consumption failed to influence childrens’ snack choices, RCA Design Interactions students Sures Kumar and Lana Z. Porter came up with the Pixelate, a video-game table that turns the event of eating a plateful of game into a game! According to the makers, the concept is a “Guitar-Hero-style eating game in which players compete in a one-minute showdown to see who can eat the most food in the correct order.”

    For the game, a custom dining table was built, complete with a display that tells players which food is to be eaten and in what order. The game measures if the food has been eaten in order by measuring the resistance of the food on the fork. The makers used Arduino and openFrameworks to develop Pixelate and hope that the game promotes more healthy eating habits amongst kids and adults.






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