• Parasite Farm enables you to grow an indoor vegetable garden

  • Designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have come up with a fabulous way to bring some green in your living space. Called the Parasite Farm, this full-cycle indoor garden fits right into your living space and enables you to grow vegetables at home! That’s not all. The Parasite Farm also enables users to compost waste and can also be integrated with your furniture. Complete with grow beds, grow lights and a table mounted compost bin, the Parasite Farm works as a great décor for your home, working as a steady source of home-grown vegetables, be it peppers, beans or lettuces! Also, the Parasite Farm sports a cutting board allowing you to pick out your full-grown vegetables and chop them to your preferences. The waste from the cutting board then drops right into the compost bin.


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