• New York could soon welcome home a floating city beach

  • citybeach-nyc-1In crowded urban areas, finding a spot to relax under the sun on a bright spring day isn’t as easy as it sounds. Given the fact that skyscraping steel and glass structures are everywhere you look, open spaces turn into a rarity in cities these days. This is why Blayne Ross from Workshop/Apd and Craft Engineering Studio came up with the City Beach NYC concept for the Big Apple. This architectural concept will lead to the development of a ‘floating city beach’ that will work as an open-area for socializing and relaxing in New York.

    The City Beach NYC will play home to a mix of retail outlets and dining facilities, a marine science exhibit and lots more. Apart from this, the structure will also have enough white sand to enable NYC residents to build castles and sunbathe on, in the heart of the city! A concept like this could very well be adopted by more cities around the globe that are close to water bodies.



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