• Narai is a hybrid bicycle concept for the downtrodden

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    When you don’t have the means to own a plush luxury car, then a handy jalopy will also do. But if life’s tough on you and a rattletrap is also out of your reach, then relying on a trusty bicycle is all you can do. Designer Mathieu Acquart does consider this scenario and thus has derived the Narai. This wonderful hybrid bicycle takes on a whole new meaning of providing an easy transport for the downtrodden. It features wheels that are capable of working on both roads as well as railway tracks. I know in urbanized cities, the thought of using railway tracks this way is considered felony, but in shantytowns of Thailand, this kind of a bike will be a boon.

    The hybrid motorized Narai also has a telescopic clamp that gives it the extra wheel to make it work on the railway tracks.

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