• My Wedding – The next big leap of my life

  • I am an archaeologist and being one has been a dream ever since I read my first history lesson. I have always fancied a sea facing apartment and struck luck when I got a great deal on one. Thirdly, I have dreamed of a beach wedding despite being from a more ethnic cultural background. This leap was the fruit of months of animated debates and emotions but it was going to happen and it had to be just perfect – after all, I have replayed it a thousand times over in my head ever since I was 12. Lime green and white lilies with the backdrop of pristine beach air and complemented with a breathtaking turquoise sea was going to be the setting. There is much to do, starting with fixing a date and finding the place. It had to comply with both families while also keeping in mind the convenience of a non-working day – a marriage without the friends was like a cake without the flour. Then comes the dress and the jewellery – not loud, subtle but elegant. We know size doesn’t matter but if the photographs had to look perfect, then we must trim the pounds like sacrifice the midnight chocolate binge, the tea time samosas and all the Italian and ghee-rich Mughlai.

    The trousseau and wedding favours required delegation and closely followed by the invitation list, cards, caterers and finally, but most importantly, the photographer. It was a fairy tale wedding I have dreamt of, and if it means having to transform pumpkins, pamper seven dwarves or prepare a feast for the beast, no evil witch was going to soil my plans.

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