• The Living Staircase sports live plants growing on its banisters

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    Adding a creative touch to a docile staircase isn’t easy, particularly because of that fact that these structures can completely lose out on practicality if design modifications are over-done. However, this staircase we spotted is a mile apart from the rest, simply for the fact that it’s extremely practical, beautiful to look at and environment friendly too. Called the Living Staircase, this structure was designed by Paul Cocksedge and was created for a London-based creative firm Ampersand. Unlike a regular staircase, this one sports live plants on its banisters, enabling it to add a dash of green to the interiors of a building.

    The Living Staircase enables users to plant fresh saplings that grow and flourish indoors. Besides working as a great way to switch between floors and exercise, this staircase also works as an indoor organic farm! Each level of the staircase also sports a small seating area for users to rest their tired limbs and enjoy the company of the plants.




    [Via – Mymodernmet]

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