• LeafD concept vehicle encourages eco-tourism

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    The LeafD concept vehicle by Bai Ran is a unique design specifically aimed at showing tourists the city-sights in a very non-conformist way. The design takes inspiration from the natural environment, specially leaves and flowing water. The fluid concept accommodates only one or at the most two people at a time and keeping the dynamics of the vehicle in mind it features no door either. The seats are made using integral foaming and can be removed from the car to make the vehicle lighter. On a full load, i.e. seating two people the vehicle tops at 35 kmph, so incase you are alone, you could remove a seat to gain maximum speed advantage. With a green-conscious, the vehicle is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and electricity. The in-wheel motor and magnetic suspension motor of the rear wheel aid in gaining momentum.

    Driven by electricity, the LeafD does away with the traditional steering wheel. It incorporates a joystick instead. To steer the car left or right the joystick needs to be moved in those directions, but pushing it forth will slow down the car and pulling it back will increase the speed. Reminding me of a grasshopper, probably because of the protruding seats, the LeafD also could manage well as a new-age Go-Kart. However, it’s an interesting concept that also won an award recently.

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