• Kruzhkus mug concept by Art Lebedev studios makes enjoying coffee easier!

  • The most of us do tend to singe our knuckles while picking up mugs of coffee or tea. Here’s a better way to enjoy your cuppa, without so much has touching your fingers to the hot sides of your early morning mug of caffeine. Called the Kruzhkus, this concept mug by the Art Lebedev studio has a comfortable grip design that enables you to pick it up with a single finger. With a capacity of 11.15 fl. oz. (330 ml), these mugs are also available in a host of colors to suit your taste, including milk, honey, cocoa, compote, kissel, chocolate, glühwein, and coffee. With glossy white insides to enable you to see the color of your brew clearly, the Kruzhkus mug is available for $10.


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