• Kenwood Hibachi Speaker- oval and rocking!

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    Imagine an orb that diffuses sublime sound and music that reverberates the notes and transcends to a different plane. A fully wireless speaker whose rotund shape defines its independence; I am talking about The Kenwood Hibachi. This is a cordless speaker that assumes a round shape and is directed to the heart of the living space. With strong references to the Japanese foyer as the “warmest place at home”, the speaker comes with a transmitter that hooks onto your audio source and has a 30-meter range. It features an ambient light that can be set to glow at an intensity suiting your mood and is customizable.

    The ambient light also has another purpose. It acts like a charging indicator, that lets you know when the speaker is fully recharged. On a full charge (via an electric plug) the speaker can play for the whole day. You would be happy to know that Kenwood has built this speaker in such a way, that you can even take it outdoors and place it in the garden area or terrace, when you host parties!

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