• Healthcare goes tech-packed with these portable gadgets enabling on-the-go health-checkups

  • Technology is quickly turning into one of the best ways to keep tabs on your health, without having to visit your doctor time and again for a check-up. With gadgets and consecutive applications being designed enabling you to keep complete check on your body, healthcare has reached new heights these days. Designers from around the globe have been penciling out new gadgets, some of which we’ve stumbled across lately including the Stork Prenatal Ultrasound Machine, a portable ultrasound device by Bridge Design that enables soon-to-be-moms a peak at their offspring. Spiroscout on the other hand has come up with a solution for chronic-asthmatics looking for regular health diagnostics, with a tech-packed inhaler enabled with GPS and WiFi, sending data to computers for analysis. New York-based designer Eli Hariton’s concept is in essence a pain-free way to check your glucose called the Gluco(M) Wrist Band, designed for diabetics and sporting dedicated insulin chamber for syringe cartridges.


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