• Futuristic Deus Motorcycle Concept uses exoskeleton form

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    The concept of a futuristic bike always sees a pair of wheels teamed with a fusion body, but never has it seen the form of an exoskeleton using three wheels. The fantastic concept has showcased designer Jake Loniak talents, who is a junior college student. The Deus assumes a vertical stance and is ready to accommodate the rider, who just needs to step in and strap on. Relying on the in-built computer for navigation, the bike navigates using the intuitive commands of the rider. The 36 pneumatic muscles, (artificial muscles) made by the German company Festo manipulate the directions by inflating or deflating. This electric exoskeleton motorcycle almost gives the perception of riding two skateboards at the same time. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and ultracapacitors the bike can reach speeds of 75 mph.

    Deus only exists on paper or rather in computer graphics so far, but the project is too exciting to ignore. Hopefully it will see the light of day soon and some of us will be zipping past on it! You can catch a video of it here.
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