• Fugu automatic inflatable bag enables you to travel with more!

  • fugu-bag-1Ever experienced that nerve-wrecking moment when you simply can’t fit all you wish to into a single bag before you take off on an airplane? Fugu seems to have the answer! Called the “world’s most revolutionary luggage for shopaholics”, this bag is capable of expanding, literally, to fit in all you need. Usually tourists end up purchasing a second bag to bring home all the holiday bargains they stumble across. The Fugu bag however works as a perfect solution for situations as such.

    The bag uses an internal electric pump that inflates its side walls. This enables the bag to inflate from “maximum carry-on size to the maximum check-in size” for air travel. The Fugu bag is named after the Japanese word for pufferfish, given the fact that it literally behaves like one at the push of a button.



    [Via – Dailymail]

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