• Fanning Commercial Vehicle Opens Up to Host Exhibitions

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    Imagine being able to tour on the road with all your exhibits in tow and holding impromptu exhibitions and interacting with the public. I guess every artist sometime in his career would want this kind of communication. Well let’s not confine this wonderful design just to the artsy types, the concept vehicle you see here is nothing but marvelous that can be ideal for touring musicians or activists. It opens up from the sides and props up folding canopies to function as a viewing area. What you display or showcase inside the gallery is up to you. It’s a totally road-show friendly design that flaps out to encompass a large area. The cabin itself is quite roomy, and big enough to seat five people at a time. The luggage storage is also ample. As my Chinese is no-good and I am unable to tell you more about the vehicle, but I simply love this concept of taking the road-show trip, hence I had to bring this to you.


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