• Elio Motors unveils a $6,800 three-wheeled car!

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    Well, the world won’t give up on three-wheeled “cars”. While the rickshaw and its motorized counterpart called the auto-rickshaw in India may have done extremely well as public transport backbones in Southern and Eastern Asia, not everyone is prepared to drive an extremely outworldly vehicle, like Elio Motors’ latest contraption. Though the vehicle seems extremely well-thought-of, this doesn’t seem to be a favor-winning concept!

    Priced at an ultra-low and ultra-attractive $6,800, the Elio Motors three-wheeler promises to deliver as much as 84 miles per gallon of gasoline for highway driving and touches the 100 miles per hour mark in 9.6 seconds. The car sports a single wheel at its rear and two maneuverable wheels in the front. Let’s hope this car does grab the spotlight and turn into the next best way to get to the supermarket!



    [Via- Beautifullife]

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