• Electric Dauphin is a City Vehicle Concept

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    The roads are getting narrower and the pavements, congested; how does a person get to work and back without the fuss of traffic and overbearing pedestrian? Well, Segway could be an answer, but wouldn’t that be too reckless for an office-go-er? How about the Electric Dauphin conceptualized by Ricardo Baiao. This really cool vehicle is a concept that requires minimum fuss. It juices up power via the electrical mains, just like how you would charge your mobile phone! In about six hours of charging you get a top-up; which I feel is pretty damn good! In the designer’s own words, “The Dauphin was designed to be a smart vehicle with a high rate cost efficient and not to harm by any way the environment.” This means you’ll have an eco-friendly baby in your hands!

    The Dauphin uses two magnetic motors that hardly blurt out any noise. A full charge will last you for around 300 kilometers.

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