• E-Foot Hotel Card won’t let you get lost in big hotels

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    The last time I stayed in this huge resort, I had the most harrowing time locating the restaurants and play areas. No offence to the huge sizes, but guest can easily get lost, if they don’t carry the guide maps or ask the staff for help. Yes, staying in plush, luxury hotels does have this as a big sore point, navigating around the place. Not all of us remember to carry the maps, so an ingenious designer has come up with the E-Foot Hotel Card. This card is not only your room key but also is an electronic device that directs you to your room or point of interest in the hotel. Assuming the shape of a normal card, the design is easy to pocket and is handy as well. Doing away with the need to ask around, the map shows up on the digital interface guiding you through to the destination. It is aimed for the medium to big sized hotels and resorts.


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