• Dream & Fly offers travellers sleeping cubicles at airports

  • Ever wondered how to spend your time during those long layovers? Stepping into restaurants and bars to grab a bite or a drink is one option. But if you have a layover of 10 hours without a transit visa to leave the airport then what are your choices? Well, Dream & Fly is designing just the right sized sleeping pods for you. Bubbles as the pods are called are perfect since they come in varying sizes. So depending on how many people you would be travelling with, you can select from the three, five, and ten sq. meter pods.

    Although the smaller 5 sq. meter pod, Simple Bubble, has no space for a bathroom, the Single Bubble offers shower facilities and the Family Bubble provides a sofa bed, baby changing facilities, and a bathroom. All the pods feature Internet access, an I-pod docking station, air conditioning, radio, television and a fold-out table, so you are connected to your work, family, or friends at all points of time. Dream & Fly hopes to launch these pods by 2013 and are already speaking with airport authorities in South America, airports in the Iberian Peninsula, and Central Europe. The company claims to have received interests from airports in Asia, and although no details are unveiled as of now, there are plans to introduce these pods at train stations as well.


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