• Double Decker Bus Cum Hotel concept by Aritside Antonas

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    Architect, writer, Doctor of Philosophy and associate professor of architecture at Greece’s University of Thessaly, Aritside Antonas is one creative genius. Besides the many titles he holds, the man also has to his credit a variety of unique concept designs. Out of the many projects that one may find on his Flickr page, the Double Decker Bus Cum Hotel concept stands apart. A unique concept, this hotel on wheels is sure to make for an unforgettable experience. The bus boasts of a bedding capacity for seven and also features a water closet and a living room. The designer claims this unique mode of transport can be used by small commuting communities such as the professors of off town Universities.

    Since the project page lacks credits, it’s not clear if these are Antonas’ personal/work projects or projects that he’s shepherded as a professor. Whatever they might be, one thing is for sure this unique bus-cum-hotel is truly a class apart. For an in-depth, detailed description of this project click here.

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