• Cornelius Comanns’ Bufalino three-wheeled camper, a compact way to live outdoors

  • An RV does not necessarily have to be huge; this design convinced us about that. A home-on-wheels can be incorporated into a vehicle as small as a rickshaw too, and designer Cornelius Comanns has show us just how with the three wheeled Bufalino. The vehicle is reminiscent of a rickshaw and was designed by the German industrial designer to provide for a compact way to travel with all the essential needs of comfort. The camper includes a cooking area, loads of storage area, and a foldable sleeping area and is great for the solitary traveler. Integrating all this into a Piaggio APE 50, this one is fuel efficient and economic too.

    It also boasts a refrigerator, a basin and the back opens up to provide for a clothes-drying area. A perfect vehicle to take out camping, this one beats the use of a multi-axel RV!


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