• Cloakwork creates illustrated condom packages

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    Malaysian illustrator, Cloakwork, has picked a peculiar subject to showcase his illustration prowess. Condom packaging for Durex has just received an overhaul with some cool illustrated designs that make your condoms look like actual props in an alternate universe. There are monkeys and serpents to pick from. Most of the illustrations hint at the mood that a lover is in, whether it’s naught or a sly, seductive penchant to get things spicy and moving. You could get the monkeys in orange, banana, strawberry and other flavors. The snake hints at suffocation, King Kong represents comfort, the astronaut represents the Featherline range for super-thin touch and the executioner takes care of his clientele by adding small raise ribs that resemble a torture instrument.

    This makes a great alibi for folks who are still embarrassed to pick out their favorite condom. All you need to ask for is the animal and voila, everyone doesn’t need to know what your kink is.

    [Via – Design Boom]

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