• ASETNIOP keyboard replacement makes typing on touch-screens easier

  • Touch typists are known to have a particularly hard time using touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. This concept we came across called the ASETNIOP however gives tablet users the advantage of a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard. Developed by Zack Dennis, this virtual keyboard replacement uses a clever layout allowing users to type quickly with 10 touch enabled points. The system is developed to sport eight primary keys that represent the most commonly used letter that is normally pressed by that same finger. This makes typing on a touch-screen a lot easier than it currently is. By simply pressing and releasing your finger at specific points, the ASETNIOP produces the most common letter that would normally be obtained with that finger on a QWERTY keyboard. A boon for touch-typists using touch-screen devices, this concept could do extremely well if commercially released.


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