• The WitStar autonomous car concept sports a tank full of goldfish

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    The Guangzhou Auto Show in China recently saw the unveiling of one very special autonomous vehicle, called the WitStar concept. Besides the fact that this vehicle comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a Chinese concept car, including swiveling front seats, massive gullwing doors and a dashboard stuffed with screens, each used for different purposes, the WitStar also comes with a pretty unconventional safety feature, a fish tank! No, these aren’t ninja goldfish that’ll spring out of the tank and protect you from a crash. Instead, the fish tank is more of a show of faith, displaying just how safe autonomous cars are!

    Obviously, the autonomous WitStar is quite safe and promises to keep all, its passengers as well as the goldfish protected. However, there’s no stopping an unruly drunk driver coming from the opposite direction from smashing right into this concept car and sending all the poor unsuspecting goldfish to a watery grave. That apart, the fish tank does seem to add a pretty aesthetic touch to the car’s interior!


    [Via – Dvice]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on November 30, 2013
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