• Why drive when you can hover? Carl Cepress’ hovercraft design left us in awe

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    There are a few vehicle designs out there that would make Batman green with envy. If the vigilante has never stolen before, he’s sure to break in and steal this one from you, if it ever has to be parked in your garage. We’re talking about Carl Cepress’ hovercraft design. Amazingly beautiful, it looks as fast as it’s supposed to go or at least we hope it does. Aerodynamically chiseled out, this one has a cockpit for the user upfront and its engine down below. The tail fin serves its purpose too, making sure it cuts through the air at the right time to keep the hovercraft steady without letting its backside wobble around. With a jet-like seating for two, just thinking and looking at a sketch of a vehicle like this makes us await our future. It’s electric cars for now. We’re sure to have flying cars next!

    Topics: Transport Tags: on December 15, 2010

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