• Urban Vehicle 2023: Concept transport system for the future

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    If you are a designer, you are bound to be inquisitive and curious about why certain designs or creations don’t work. This inquisitive trait has led Industrial designer Jay Sim to create his concept vehicle dubbed Urban Vehicle 2023. The Urban Vehicle is a unique transportation system that the designer feels is suitable for the year 2023 as he believes the failure of various ecofriendly cars is not actually in them but in the transportation system. The concept system is based on an electric vehicle which can be rented and allows the user to use it as an important connector between various mass transit systems. The car runs on an electric engine and carries roof-mounted solar panels that can be used to charge the vehicle on the move or when it’s parked. The Urban Vehicle 2003 is designed to be used only as a connector vehicle and is not meant to be driven around. Since the commuters will be using more of mass transit it also ensures that you normally will never be late for work. A great concept, hope the 2023 government incorporates this system.
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