• Toyota’s FV2 concept car makes friends with its driver

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    Concept cars are made to look ridiculously futuristic on drawing boards. Most of these drawings aren’t completely brought to life when practicality comes into play. However, Toyota’s recent unveiling at the CES 2014 turned heads as the automaker showed of the FV2 concept car, a vehicle that is designed to bond with its user. Controlled by a user’s motion, the car also recognizes its driver’s mood and adapts accordingly.

    Toyota looks forward to a future where cars and human beings are emotionally connected, making the experience more than just that of a man and his machine. The FV2 also sports an augmented reality-enabled windshield and its body changes color at will, sporting tons of LEDs. This might not be the best way to get around today though cars of the future can draw a little inspiration from Toyota’s idea of human-friendly transport machines.






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