• Toyota reveals FV2 3-wheeled color-changing concept car that can be treated like a Horse

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    Automakers will be showing off autonomous vehicles and other concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show taking place later this month, that prove carmakers believe that in future vehicles do more of the driving. Toyota will be revealing FV2 at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show that looks a lot like a Segway and is able to change color depending on the driver’s mood, as also suggests the next destination based on a driver’s facial expression.

    Toyota is keen to encourage people to not just drive, but to treat their vehicles as if they were living creatures like a horse. The automotive giant explains on its website: “Toyota envisions an ever-developing driver-vehicle relationship similar to the relationship of trust and understanding that a rider might have with his or her horse.”

    [Via – Wired]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on November 11, 2013
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