• The Mercier-Jones hovercraft, a sports-car and a speed boat combined!

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    When a vehicle is nick-named the ‘the Bugatti of hovercrafts’, you know you’re looking at history in the making! Behold, the Mercier-Jones hovercraft, a hybrid vehicle capable of adapting to road and water ways without a hitch. Travelling on a cushion of air at speeds of well up to 40-60 miles per hour, this one’s also dubbed as “the most advanced recreational vehicle” and “the future of hovercrafts.”

    The vessel sports an open top, combining the awesomeness of a sports car and a speed boat. Made from carbon fiber and metal alloys, this one sports a hybrid-electric drivetrain and air cushion technology. Designed by Michael Mercier and Chris Jones, this vehicle currently requires crowd-funding and the project could be well underway with $50,000!





    Topics: Transport Tags: on February 26, 2013
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