• The Bugatti Gangloff concept, inspired by the 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe

  • Bugatti stunned the world with the Veyron supercar, crowned as the world’s fastest street-legal vehicle. Recently, we came across a concept that could very well be the next Bugatti! Called the Gangloff Concept, this one’s inspired by the 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe. The car is a revolutionary vehicle that could change the way we picture supercars!

    Complete with an intimidating front and an aerodynamically-advanced body, this Bugatti concept also has a few design additions that makes it edge towards the Veyron’s design. Now we aren’t sure if this car will ever hit production lines, though we do know it’ll gather a huge fan-base, just like every other Bugatti supercar.


    Topics: Transport Tags: on February 13, 2013
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