• The Autotram Extra Grand bus is the world’s longest at 98 feet

  • If Australia has its road-trains, the city of Dresden in Germany will be home to the world’s longest bus. At 98 feet, the bus can seat more passengers than some commercial airliners. The 256-seater three-section bus has been designed Fraunhofer IVI and the Technical University Dresden and is undergoing testing and will hit the roads later this fall in October. The bus is powered by an eco-friendly fuel-efficient hybrid engine and can travel up to 5 miles on battery power alone.

    The best part about driving this bus is that drivers will not have to undergo any specialized training to operate this mammoth of a bus. By using a computerized, multi-axis steering system, the bus is capable of making turn on its own and the drivers can operate it just like any other 39 feet bus. China has also announced that they will be launching an 82 feet bus that can carry up to 300 passengers.

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