• Tandem pedal canoe allows you to enjoy boating without tiring your arms

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    Tired of rowing that canoe up and down the pond? Well, you can now give your arms some rest and put your feet to work instead, with this easy-to-use and maneuver Tandem canoe designed by British engineer Joe Rutland. The canoe requires its users to pedal instead of paddle and is an easier way to travel, without the strain of oars. Sporting a traditional hull, the Tandem canoe can also be transported on the rooftops of cars, making it a great carry-along for a trip down to the lakeside.

    Weighing in at 60kg, the Tandem can carry weights of up to 250kg before hitting the bottom of a lake. Also, this vessel’s passengers face each other, improving communication and making the event of boating a lot more fun than it already is. The Tandem sports two adjustable seats, dual-crank drive unit, and rudder, all of which need to be set up before the boat is set afloat in the water.




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