• The Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155, a super-luxury yacht with a big belly!

  • sunseeker-sport-yacht-155-1A few of us are adventurous enough to drop everything we’ve got going on for us and circumnavigate the earth from time to time. Designer Vuk Nemanja Zoraja has come up with a vessel that’s designed to suit the tastes of individuals like these, particularly those who’ve got a few million bucks to blow up. Called the Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155, this ultra-luxury yacht enables long-distance travelling, without compromising on creature comforts! With a fuel tank that’ll hold 30,000 liters and a fresh-water tank capable of storing 6500 liters, this yacht has a range of 1,500 nautical miles on a full belly.

    Using minimal design with a contemporary styling, this one’s bound to turn heads at the marina and will have you constantly taking pictures of it for your Instagram account. Sleek and complete with two swimming pools and enough desk space for you to catch the sun while sailing the azure, the Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155 is a concept we’d like to see brought to life sooner!




    [Via – Tuvie]

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