• Subaru’s First Car Story brings back memories of my first car

  • Memories are catacombs and successfully finding your way across and around these take a superhuman effort indeed. So when Subaru decided to help me dig into mine, with the First Car Story initiative, I simply couldn’t resist! It’s been a while now since I first set my hands on the wheel of a car, a hand-me-down silver hatchback. The little car that taught me the legalities of the road and lent me enough experience to make me a street-worthy driver had long since vanished in a web of memoirs. Subaru’s First Car Story on www.firstcarstory.com however brought back those good old days in an overwhelming rush.

    The simple website designed by the Japanese automaker enables you to pick the type, color and condition of your first car, soak it right through with your memories of your maiden ride, narrate the story in your own voice and share it for the world to see via Facebook, Twitter or eMail. The perfect way to pull those reminiscences of your first car back to the surface, the First Car Story by Subaru is indeed a great way to animate your memories of your long forgotten first car and share it with your friends and family, some of whom could have driven along with you in it!

    Brand Statement: Everyone loved their first car. No matter how beat up or broken down, it was a taste of freedom and you loved it. Even though it lasted only for a brief time, that emotional connection is an experience that unites us all. Check out my custom illustrated story, you can submit one too at www.firstcarstory.com and bring your story to life with animation and music and share it with your friends.

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    Topics: Transport Tags: on March 7, 2012
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