• Stockholm to join 200 European cities to ban cars for a day

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    Banning cars could mean a number of adjustments and inconveniences in life, but hey, it can also strongly foster the feeling of eco-consciousness. To try out the potency of this remarkably daring move to counter pollution, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined 200 other European cities to ban cars for an entire day this fall. September 19th seems to be the date of choice. The city is well-versed with such efforts and have indulged in such experiments in the past. They banished all traffic for the European Mobility Week. Other major cities participating in the carless day parade are the capitals of Lisbon and Budapest.

    The Head of Stockholm’s traffic division, Daniel Hellden said, “By closing the streets to cars for one day we can give an idea of how our beautiful city looks with less car traffic. We hope that the citizens of Stockholm will be inspired to choose alternative modes of transport instead of the car.”

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