• Star Wars-inspired Hover Bikes being tested by Aerofex

  • Star Wars fans, including us, have forever secretly dreamed of hovering above crowded streets on real-life hover bikes. Now, bringing a dream to life, California research group Aerofex has come up with a true-to-life version of the Hover Bike, similar to those in the Return of the Jedi! Using helicopter dynamics to its advantage, this motorcycle-sized Hover Bike has been under development since quite a while now and is currently being tested at the Mojave Desert. Capable of hovering up to 15 feet of the ground and travelling at a good 30mph, this one is easy to maneuver and sports intuitive controls. It might be a while before one of these finally hit production lines and land in showrooms across the globe and we’ve already begun day-dreaming about visiting the grocery store on a Hover Bike of our own.


    Topics: Transport Tags: , , , on August 22, 2012
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