• Solar powered wheelchair with a retractable roof rides green

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    Solar power is turning into the modern world’s juice. These days, just about everything is solar powered, from mobile phone cases to cars to homes. Here’s a solar-powered wheelchair that brings the energy of the sun to the mobility impaired. Created by a team of students at the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, this wheelchair uses solar energy to power up its assist systems and won the team the first place in the World Cerebral Palsy “Change My World in One Minute” competition.

    The wheelchair packs a retractable roof inspired by convertible cars and powers up for about five hours at a speed of 5 mph on a full charge. With a range increase of about 40%, this wheelchair touches speeds of 1 mph on solar energy alone! A fantastic development that not only uses renewable energy to power up but also shelters the user from the elements, this wheelchair is a game changer.


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